LVW Awarded ESS-VI Contract


23 August 2017 – Colorado Springs, CO – Colorado-based small business LVW Electronics has been awarded a new five-year, multiple award, task order-based contract to provide electronic security and other systems support to the US Army Corps of Engineers for locations across the US and the globe. With a contract ceiling of $450 Million, LVW anticipates competing for and capturing task order awards totaling $40-$50 Million over the life of the contract.

Called ESS-VI, the new contract is the follow-on contract to ESS-V, on which LVW performs to this day as a small business prime contractor. LVW was also a small business prime on ESS-IV. Over the past decade, these contracts have awarded LVW over $55 Million in new work at US Federal facilities. LVW has added almost 70 new full-time positions in that time, roughly tripling its size. Work has included projects in over 30 states, Korea and Japan.

Under the new contract, which is structured to give an advantage to small businesses, LVW will compete for task orders to carry out the design, procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance and operations of advanced electronic systems for customers across the US and the globe. The contract allows the US Army Engineering and Support Center to meet the needs of US Department of Defense, Federal civilian agencies and even state and local Governments if they choose to use the contract vehicle to meet their systems needs. Systems range in scope from electronic and physical security systems, including FICAM-approved Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), Video Surveillance, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and the ancillary systems that support them. Also included is a significan component of cybersecurity support, providing Risk Management Framework (RMF) support to design, harden and help accredit the systems installed. 

LVW’s Chief Operating Officer, Robert Sanford, has made it a goal to capitalize on recent successes to increase the rate of LVW’s growth. “Task orders awarded on the new contract will allow LVW to add to its technical pool over the next five years, and with the addition of other recent contract awards, LVW anticipates roughly doubling in size in the next three years.”

Most of this growth will be centered on LVW’s Colorado Springs-based headquarters, but LVW does plan on opening offices in key areas in the next calendar year to support continued growth, with the first two offices likely to be located in the greater Nashville area and the San Antonio – Dallas corridor. The ESS-VI contract vehicle is slate to begin issuing task orders in the fist year of Fiscal Year 2018.  


About LVW: Founded in 1974, LVW is a Veteran-Owned Small Business with offices in Colorado Springs and Denver. LVW specializes in providing systems support for US Federal, State and Local Governments across the US, as well as commercial customers in the greater Rocky Mountain region. Customer highlights include the Pepsi Center, US Air Force Space Command, the US Air Force Academy, the US Military Academy in West Point, the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Marine Forces Reserve and many others.  

 For additional information, please contact Sander Wilson at (719) 540-8900.