LVW Awarded GSA Schedule 03FAC - Facilities Maintenance and Management

04 March 2019 - Colorado Springs, CO - The United States General Services Adminstration (GSA) has awarded a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract to LVW Electronics to provide "federal agencies a streamlined procurement device to acquire all of the services necessary to maintain and manage a facility." LVW intends to use this award to further leverage its ability to provide world-class services at locations accross the US and the Pacific Rim while maintaining its small-business responsiveness and attention to customer needs. 

The 03FAC, Facilities Maintenance and Management MAS is intended to provide a one-stop-source for federal users to secure complete facilities maintenance, including services related to the complete operations, maintenance and repair of federal facilities. The following facilities maintenance services can be ordered as stand-alone or in multiple combinations. Services could include, but are not limited to: 

•Facility automation systems maintenance & service (including active vehicle barriers, control systems and ancillary power systems)

Locksmith services 

•Plumbing operations & maintenance 

•Electrical services to include: High/low voltage systems and maintenance and repair of exterior electrical distribution system 

•Maintenance of energy management control systems (EMCS) 

•Refrigeration maintenance 

•Elevator inspection and maintenance service 

•Maintenance of renewable energy systems 

•Repair of water tanks 

•Fire alarm system preventive maintenance and repair service 

•Maintenance support training and consulting services 

•Telephone maintenance 

•Fire suppression system preventive maintenance and repair services 

•Mechanical and operations maintenance & repair of building systems to include: HVAC, boilers, chillers, etc. 

•Painting (Davis-Bacon included) 

All of the above listed services can be performed as part of Base Operations Support Services (BOS) and Installation Maintenance contracts.

LVW's contract number is 47QSHA19D002S and can be accessed at the GSA eBuy website by following this LINK

Please contact Sander Wilson at or (719) 540-8900 with any questions. 

About LVW:  Founded in 1974, LVW Electronics provides advanced systems solutions to private and public-sector clients all over the world. Our professional staff includes experts in professional audio, electronic and physical security, life safety systems, advanced control systems and information transmission systems. Whether physical or logical security, video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, A/V, sound reinforcement, SCADA, mass notification or advanced network infrastructure, LVW is committed to providing exactly the service or technology our customers require, at best cost and lowest risk. LVW operates from offices in Colorado Springs, CO and HUntsville, AL.