LVW Awarded Multi-Year, Multi-Million-Dollar Contracts with National, Global Reach


Colorado Springs Small Business Awarded Contracts with National, Global Reach

Colorado Springs, CO – October 15, 2016 – Colorado Springs-based LVW Electronics (LVW) was awarded a series of contracts over the last few months by the US Army Corps of Engineers to perform maintenance and service of facilities, perimeter security systems and active vehicle barriers at over four dozen locations across the US and the Republic of Korea. These awards cap over 5 years of year-on-year growth from the dynamic small business, which has added almost 50 new jobs since 2013.

If all options are exercised and work is funded in line with previous years’ efforts, the total contract value captured by LVW over the past two months could range as high as $32,000,000 over the next five years and mean continued hiring over that entire period.

LVW’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Robert Sanford, credits the awards to LVW’s commitment to customer satisfaction and small-business responsiveness and ingenuity. “We’ve been able to do so well because our employees understand the importance of working smarter, finding ways to fully support the mission of our clients while keeping costs low.”

Contracted by the US Army’s Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville’s Access Control Point & Base Operations Program, LVW will perform work over the next year and up to four more option years, providing maintenance and service for the systems that protect the perimeters of some of the US Army’s largest and most storied posts, including Fort Carson, CO, Pueblo Chemical Depot, Co, Fort Meade, MD, Fort Hood, TX, White Sands Missile Range, Fort Rucker, AL, Redstone Arsenal, AL and many others, including at Yongsan Garrison in the Republic of Korea.

LVW staffs the majority of the work out of their Colorado Springs office, deploying personnel as needed and supporting with locally-based staff for certain sites, depending on the needs of each location. Work ranges from the commonplace to the technically complex, which means that LVW employs a wide range of skill sets and talents, from general maintenance technicians to electronics engineers. This is in addition to LVW’s non-federal work, which includes highlights like their recent installation of a new sound system at the Pikes Peak Center and the completion of the Audio/Visual systems at the new Center for Character & Leadership Development at the US Air Force Academy.

According to Sanford, LVW sees these wins a key strategic milestones that are part of a greater. “With the budget situation that most of our customers face, we see a growing need for maintenance and service, operations and support. We keep things working and keep our customers doing what they do best. It’s a really satisfying business to be in. These wins are gratifying, but they’re really just a first step.”

About LVW: Founded in Colorado in 1974, LVW is a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business that specializes in providing systems integration, engineering, design, installation, maintenance and service of a variety of facilities and systems for customers across the US and abroad. Go to or contact Sander Wilson, Director of Business Operations, for more information. He can be reached at (719) 362-7900 or by email at