LVW Wins World-Wide U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ESS-V Contract


Colorado Springs, CO, 21 January 2011 – LVW Electronics (LVW) was awarded a contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) with a shared capacity of $250 million. The award is expected to generate up to fifty new jobs for the local small business.

 LVW was one of six prime contractors awarded the Electronic Security Systems and Control Systems (ESS-V) contract, which is administered by the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center,  Huntsville in Alabama. The contract will allow LVW Electronics to compete for work around the world, partnering with the US Army Corps of Engineers to deliver best-in-class solutions and services that adhere to the highest standards in performance, security, and efficiency.

In a city that ranked as tied for the #1 worst city to find a job in this winter, LVW has been steadily hiring and growing, bucking national and local trends. Since January 2010, LVW has hired eighteen new full-time employees, and has added over a dozen part-time and/or temporary positions. With an employee base of just over sixty full-time workers, this spike in hiring would be remarkable even in healthy economic times, but is especially impressive considering the current business climate.

LVW expects to add over fifty full-time positions over the next five years. The company’s successes have lent credence to the notion that small businesses will form the basis for the region’s economic recovery.

Bob Sanford, LVW’s Executive Vice President for Government Services, attributes the growth to application of tried-and-true business practices. “We have seen many businesses fall behind, whether they were over reaching, or just not aggressive enough. We strike a balance, always looking for new opportunities. We have a great team of people, which makes it easy to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.”

With multiple US Government contracts under their belt and a considerable footprint in regional residential and commercial markets, LVW has indeed found a healthy balance. The company has developed a strong ability to compete with local and international firms, belying its relatively small stature. LVW has been awarded several new multi-year contracts by government and private entities over the past three years, not including the most recent ward.

LVW is in excellent position to continue its particular blend of balanced growth, and will continue to bring new jobs and revenue to the Pikes Peak region. This winter may seem bleak from the New York offices of Forbes, but things are just starting to heat up in Colorado Springs, and LVW is leading the way.