Network Infrastructure

Whether a single office space or a million-square-foot facility, LVW’s team of BICSI-certified network professionals is dedicated to providing our customers with inside/outside plant solutions that meet or exceed regulatory requirements, are installed according to best industry practices, and minimize the impact on your facility budget. At LVW, we are committed to providing your firm with all stages of support, from initial design through final commissioning, to meet your facility infrastructure needs.

  • BICSI-Certified Designers, Technicians and Installers
  • Structured Cabling Design, Validation, Installation and Commissioning
  • Fiber Optic/Copper
  • Inside/Outside Plant
  • Testing Services
  • Data Centers
  • VItualized Desktop, Server, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and other related services. 


Other Data Offerings

Data Centers

LVW Electronics provides the design, installation and support for data centers, working from a philosophy that emphazises energy conservation, a balanced approach that weighs innovations in technology against a need for reliability, and above all a common-sense application of industry standards to each individual project. 

LVW understands that each project is different and that every client has their own needs, expectations and constraints that must be addressed in order to provide a cost-effective solution for their organization. LVW's BICSI-certified Data Center Design team has years of experience providing everything from small-scale data centers for small/medium-sized businesses up to the design and execution of base-wide virtualized data centers for the US Air Force.


In today's world, the demand for increased virtualization is growing faster than most IT departments can keep up. LVW provides consulting, design, implementation and support for virtualized solutions, including Virtualized Desktop, Virtualized Servers, Software-as-a-Service and many other common virtualization solution platforms.

LVW Electronics is a certified Professional VMware Solution Provider.